Being creative means to be conscious of our needs and capabilities and to be able to express ourselves, our skills, our wishes, having an active role in our social context and in our life.

Creative Fertilization arises from ARCI’s fundamental principles: the promotion of associations and the right to culture, in all its forms and languages, as a factor of social cohesion, an instrument of civil engagement, to promote peace and citizenship rights, to fight against all forms of exclusion and discrimination. According to these principles “Creative fertilization” suggests a view on education (understood in a non-formal way) as basic way to democracy, relying on everybody’s free participation and expression.

The project's objective is to promote creativity as a key factor for the development of personal, social and even professional skills and the well-being of all individuals of the civil society. As a vehicle of self-expression and recognition of personal skills, creativity is an invaluable instrument to increase self-respect and even prevent youth unrest and social marginalization.

Creative fertilization wants different people, cultures and approaches to talk together for the research of good strategies able to develop an education thought as essential democratic moment based on everybody's freedom of participation and expression.

This blog wants to be a creative platform to exchange experiences, good practices, ideas and reflections about creativity's promotion.

Join us and let's try to find together more and more ways of being creative!!!!!


lunedì 11 gennaio 2010


ARCI is an independent association for social and civil promotion. At national level, with more than a million members and 5400 clubs, it provides an extended structure of democratic participation.
ARCI Ancona has been committed to cultural promotion for over 15 years so as to stimulate youths and other citizens to commit themselves within their own social context.
ARCI clubs are established as open places for youth creativity, providing various cultural experiences and spaces and opportunities in which young people become protagonists and creative actors within the civil society. Therefore, the fundamental objective of ARCI is that of investing its responsibility, autonomy, independence and creativity in youths.
Specifically, ARCI Ancona carries out various local and international cultural promoting activities: concerts, musical festivals, cultural, theatrical and literary events. It has established a partnership with the Marche Region for cooperation projects with the Balkans, with the purpose of stimulating the creation of local cultural enterprises. Moreover from this year it manages a welcoming project for political refugees within the province of Ancona.
ARCI Ancona (like most other ARCI clubs present on the territory) has for years hosted young volunteers from the National Civil Service so as to offer a year long experience of personal, professional and “civil” growth.
However since 2009 we started working whit EVS Projects.


The "Clube Desportivo Recreativo Cultural Amarense" is a collectivity without any lucrative endings. It was founded in 1978 and has been developing its activity in favour of the Youth, organizing activities related to sports, culture and recreation. In sports, it has offered the opportunity to practice federate athletics and handball, as well as recreation activities such as aerobics, walkings, sportive holiday programmes, summer camps, among others.
In the cultural area, through a group of young people called "Animares", animation group, we have developed some activities of street animation (juggling, stilts, fire spitting, drums, giant figures, theatre, etc.). Annually, we organize several activities which offer the youth the acquisition of new abilities and knowledge through workshops of marionettes, drama, poetry, conferences about sexuality, and the participation in workshops promoted by other entities, such as the Imaginarius Festival, in Santa Maria da Feira, and the Youth Portuguese Institute, in Braga.
However Animares is the responsible group for the creation of the Carnival Parade of Amares for a long long time. It attracts every year thousands of curious people in search of a good chance to laugh, have fun and express personal creativity. Some of this work is done, every year, by the group of youngsters who incorporate Animares, Group of Street Animation. But another big part depends on the work done by another generation of people. Participants’ age can go from 12 to 70. From the initial stages where the theme and organization is discussed, this interaction between generations is thought to produce the best results. The development of the cars is mainly done by the young group but always in contact with the older generation who are in charge of the costumes and other hand-tasks.There has also been some cooperation with foreign artists from the festivals of Viareggio and Nola in Italy. The international experience of some members who participated in Youth Festivals of Street Animation has also a great impact in the way of working and in the final result of the parade.

Janun e.V. was founded in 1989 by several youth environmental initiatives in Hannover.
While during the first years after the establishment , nature – and environmental protection stood in the centre of activities, other topics added over the years.
At the moment there are around 80 young people actively involved in the following working groups. Most of them are conected to the idea of non formal learning. Big part of the concept is the idea of "learning by doing": Young people are working in the following working groups/directions:
Environmental education, Radio ( producing an own monthly radio programme - not right now), Nature observation, Indigenous peoples, “KonsuMensch” – consumerism & globalisation, Belarus & Chernobyl, Siberia, Serbia, Multicultural society & Migration, Utopia & Lifestyles.
Over the year there are around 20 weekend seminars and 10 – 12 international youth exchanges, mainly with partner organisations from Belarus, Siberia, Poland and Serbia, taking place.
In the context of a bigger project we currently built up contacts to Sweden and Greenland.
The volunteers are being supported in their projects by two pedagogues and two participants of the voluntary ecological service.
Further than that there are two big projects which are supervised by two other pedagogues.
These are the projects “Kleiner Jugendtreff Südstadt”, a small youth centre and a children and youth participation project. These two projects are done by JANUN for the city of Hannover.

The Kalamáris Youth Association was established in 1993 with the aim of serving info for youth and youth workers and helping people to create their own community.
We usually organize programs for youth, mainly small festivals but we also participate with our “Pocoló” tent in one of the biggest music festivals in Hungary, these programs are mainly volunteer based programs, cause from 2004 one of the main aim of the association is to popularize volunteer work among youngsters so we also joined some EVS projects as a sending partner.
Then from 2005 as a coordinator (Northern-Great Plain Region) and hosting organization we participate (2008/09 will be the third year) in the Hungarian national volunteer service called “ÖTLET”. The main tasks are organizing trainings, meetings for volunters and hosting organizations then monitoring the whole program in the level of volunteers and program organizations who are hosting volunteers. Some of our volunteers had possibility to participate in youth exchanges, Leonardo da Vinci program, international seminars, trainings.
One of our new initiatives is the so called “Pocoló Nomád”creative tent, where youngsters can pass their time actively but also having a rest. For example playing games, puzzles, painting, creating things from pearls etc., while listening music or any other kind of interesting discourse. We realize these small festivals in small villages, in the Nort-Eastern part of Hungary. These programs are also based on a work done by youth workers in the local community. The aim is to help youngsters realizing values in their villages and to show them possibilities about how can they be active, how can they make more colourful their life. During these programs youngsters have possibility to counsel with psichologist, carrier advicer and international possibilities.
The association is Youth Infopoint too and member of Eurodesk network so using this possibility we hope that in the future we can participate in more programs in the frame of Youth in Action, helping youngsters to be more open-minded, to use their creativity, and to study in a non-formal way. We also pass these info for local youth info points and youth workers.
We also have a winner project (cooperating with an other association and youth organizations in our region) to create a regional web page what would be a ‘Virtual youth house’ where we want to serve international info too, so we are opened to cooperate in international level.

We are a group of creative dreamers.
As a collective we share the same motto: If you want to change something, do it!
Working towards this idea we have built a participatory space in which, everyone can be listened and everyone have the opportunity to express their opinions and views and to develop their own projects.
Since 2004, our first guideline is to do things that make us happy.

Our working areas are:

1.“Baobab Planet” Area or cooperation area.
In this group we believe that another world is possible, with justice and solidarity between countries.
Like a “baobab tree” that is holding on social participatory roots. It grows with people empowerment (who reflect, form opinions and decide) and it stretches with cooperation, hope, equality, education, art and creativity branches.

2.“Art conquering the streets” or creative Activism area.
We will to transform public spaces in our region into participatory spaces where creative active participation can be real.
Our group believe that art can be a strong tool to raise awareness about social issues and ARTivism could be used as a way to express our social concerns.
We facilitate places where groups can transform their concerns and social worries in Artistic actions, sharing their opinions and being active citizens. Within this process we have created different performances, installations, video- screenings, stand-up comedy, mural art and stencils, etc.

3.ParticipAction Area.
In our activities we always promote children and youth participation. We believe in their protagonist role regarding the issues we reflect about in our workshops and activities. That is, they became active actors analyzing their reality and proposing possible solutions to improve it. Finally we try to make their ideas and improvements visible to the local community, the politicians and civil society.

4.“Walking in Europe” or Youth in Action area:
One of our objectives as a group is to include European dimension in our projects. We organise and participate in different Youth in Action initiatives. We promote and give information to our volunteers about its opportunities and resources.
Working in European level give us the opportunity to get to know other collectives and organizations in order to built common projects and broaden our network.

5.“Dreams factory” area.
Our organization is a participatory space where our volunteers have the possibility to give their opinion and develop their own projects.
Our volunteers are an important part of “ye too ponese” giving energy, creativity and “fresh air” in our daily work.

C.N.G.E.I. National scout organization - Ancona Departement

mercoledì 18 novembre 2009


this blog is thought as an European operative platform
where sharing materials, ideas and best practices
about non formal education and creativity's promotion

..Join us!

mercoledì 11 novembre 2009

Seminar’s Agenda

h 14:00 – 15:00 Participant's arrival – welcome
h 15:00 – 16:00 Worming games – participant's presentation
h 16:00 – 17:00 Presentation of the EUROPE FOR CITIZENS’ programme objectives
h 17:00 Coffee break
h 18:00 - 20:00 ASS.ATOPOS “Art and street performances as a tool to sensitize active citizenship”
h 20:00 Dinner
h 21:00 Welcoming party

h 8:45 - 9:30 Breakfast
h 9:30 – 10:30 ARCI: Right to culture and creativity's promotion.
h 10:30 – 11:30 KALAMARIS YOUTH ORGANISATION: Pocolo Nomad, a tool for touching youth
h 11:30 Coffee break
h 12:00 – 13:30 CLUBE AMARENSE art and street arts as a tool to improve youth creativity and self expression
h 13:30 Lunch 
h 15:30 - 16:30 YETOOPONESE : Youth's Permanent Education through Non formal education's activities
h 16:30 – 18:30 Peer education: a tool to invest young people with responsability
h 18:30 Coffee break
h 19:00 - 20:00 Discussion and feedback about tools and activities presented during the day
h 20:00 Dinner

h 9:00 - 10:00 Breakfast
h 10:00 - 13:00 C.N.G.E.I. Scouts: Learning by doing< h 13:00 Lunch time h 15:00 - 17:00 AMICI DI PIABETA’: Find your own clown and empower your creativity
h 17:00 Coffee break
h 17:30 - 18:30 JANOON KonsuMensch - how to sensitize youngsters to globalisation
h 18:30 Feedback about daily actions
h 20:00 Dinner

h 9:00 Breakfast
h 10:00 – 13:00 Daniele Belluschi (ARCI professional trainer): How to build an interactive training
h 13:00 Lunch
h 14:30 – 16:30 “intercultural creativity”: Non formal education’s materials presentation and discussion
h 16:30 – 20:00 working groups: Participants will build two little workshops aiming to improve creativity.
h 20:00 Dinner

h 8:30 Breakfast
h 9:00 – 11:00 Workshops: Participants will show workshops created during the working groups.
h 11:00 – 13:00 Evaluation and proposals for a future cooperation
h 13:00 Lunch
h 14:00 Departure.

lunedì 9 novembre 2009

Creative fertilization

The main objective of the project “creative-fertilization” is to promote a confrontation and an exchange among different European subjects (associations and institutions) engaged in the carrying out of ways, activities and instruments able to promote the development of an active citizenship, through informal learning and non-formal education.

The project foresaw the organization of a workshop in Ancona, during which some local experts and some facilitators from the partner associations introduced their methods of intervention and more significant activities, carried out in different socio-cultural settings, with the joint goal of involving citizens, especially young people, turning them into creative and active actors of their own social background. Art, music, theatre, experiences of voluntary service (such as ESV or other local experiences), and the several activities of peer learning are instruments and languages able to promote a non-selective education, based on inclusion, the empowerment of personal skills, free expression and participation, all basic principles for the building of an active citizenship.

Within the European year for creativity and innovation we aim at promoting the creative element as fundamental instrument for the strengthening of the activities carried out by the civil society. By pointing out the importance of cross-fertilization, therefore, we want to promote an exchange and a confrontation which can strengthen and provide with new instruments the creative potential of individuals, allowing the creation of European common good practices and strategies for the promotion of active citizenship.

The project arises from ARCI’s fundamental principles: the promotion of associations and the right to culture, in all its forms and languages, as a factor of social cohesion, an instrument of civil engagement, to promote peace and citizenship rights, to fight against all forms of exclusion and discrimination. According to these principles “Creative fertilization”suggests a view on education (understood in a non-formal way) as basic way to democracy, relying on everybody’s free participation and expression. Moreover the project aims at bringing together different cultures and fostering their dialogue as well as different tools to promote an active citizenship.

Creativity is the thread of this project as an element allowing to strengthen and express one’s own cultural identity, to create an active involvement within the social background, and thus a sense of belonging to it, and finally to develop an intercultural confrontation based on mutual acknowledgement and respect. Creativity, as a means of self-expression and recognition of one’s own skills, is a worthy instrument to increase self-esteem, and therefore to prevent young people’s discomfort and social exclusion. This “preventive” aspect has been recognized by the World Health Organization, which in 1992 has put creativity among the fundamental “life skills” officially recognized.

Experiences as voluntary service, artistic expression, peer education and associations forming in general, share this democratic-creative participation, the use of values (such as opening one’s mind to others) and universal languages (such as music and art in general), all instruments fostering unity and dialogue essential to the building of a European future and identity.

The seminar realized consisted on creative workshops, discussions (exchanging ideas with facilitators and experts), interactive activities, (in which different skills and strategies was used). Then this internet blog was created, as a platform to exchange and confront good practices, which is foreseen to include an increasing number of European associations and institutions over time.

The other important objective of the project is that of starting a dialogue on these themes within the school background, promoting the knowledge and an increasing acknowledgement of the various instruments and ways you can use in non-formal education.

The interaction with teachers seems to us essential to reinforce creativity’s educative value, as an instrument of personal expression and basic means to acknowledge one’s own cultural background and that of the others too.